Tui Holidays Free Child Places 2019 / 2020 – All Inclusive Hotels & Apartments

Tui Free child places

NEW – Tui now have a free child places finder to help holidaymakers find the free child places more easily. This means that anyone can find them so the quicker you get your free child place booked the better. Have a look now!> click here

Tui Holidays offer a number of specialist holiday options for families and fortunately most of them include Tui Holidays free child places as well. Not only can you select one of the Tui family holidays you can also combine them with Tui all inclusive free child places as well. This way you could get an all inclusive holiday with a free child place in a good family hotel that features kids clubs and child friendly facilities.

Tui Holidays Free Child Places – Best Options

When looking for free child places with Tui the holiday brands to look for are Tui Family Life and Tui Handpicked Holidays. When looking for you holiday the search results will include all holiday brands including Skytours holidays. Skytours free child places are on offer at a large number of properties so it would be a good idea to consider them as well. Skytours offers a lot for families. There are a lot of Skytours free child places holiday options so we have included a Skytours free child places page on this web site.

Finding Free Child Places with Tui Holidays

The old way to find Tui free child places is below. Now you can use the free child places finder > click here

Tui Free child placesThe best way was to find a Tui holidays free child place on the Tui web site is to start from the main Tui holidays page (click here) Enter the departure points you wish to travel from and the destinations you are happy to visit. Select your preferred travel date and the flexible box which will display holidays 3 days before and after your chosen departure date. Then finally select the duration of your holiday and the number of people travelling. It is important to enter the ages children on the return date. You might not qualify for discounts and more importantly for infants turning two on holiday as they will need a seat of their own on the return flight. Finally after that just click on the search button to see what is available.

The search result will not show the cheapest holiday but ones recommended by Tui Holidays. To get the cheapest simply change the sort by criteria and select “Price – low to high” On the left hand side change the Price display from per person to total price. The search results will now display the cheapest family price for the date you selected and three days either side.

You can change the results further by selecting the board basis you want and any other options such as flights and flight times and any applicable hotel options such as wifi or a hotel with spa facilities.

If you want the cheapest holiday that will be shown just by sorting the results by price – low to high. Otherwise try selecting Tui Family Resorts on its own and then Tui Handpicked on its own after that. Generally the Skytours holidays will be the cheapest and they do have some great value family holidays on offer as well.