Best Family Holidays 2021 – Cheap family Holiday Deals and Offers

Many holiday companies offer free child places and some don't however it could be a bad idea to disregard checking the cost of a family holiday with them. Ultimately the cost of the holiday for many families looking to get away is simply to get the cheapest overall price possible. Free child places are a great way to get a discount on many specific holidays. However if you are simply looking to get away for the best price then there are a few more alternatives to try. Please make sure that you don't just select your holiday on price alone if you can. Take into account the facilities and location before you book as if it turns out to being unsuitable then you may end up paying more in the long run. It's your holiday make sure it is a memorable one for the right reasons!

Best Family Package Holidays 2021

Many holidaymakers initially tried finding their own flights and accommodation on-line and putting it all together themselves, it's not that hard to do. Despite this the traditional package holiday if far from finished and many families and holidaymakers are actually going back to booking with holiday companies who offer them. The larger holiday firms invest in many of the properties they use and makes sure the standards are maintained so that the quality of the accommodation is more likely to meet their expectations. These hotels can also be specifically for families and offer more facilities, kids clubs and suitable entertainment.

Here are a few Holiday firms to try for family Holidays. (The links open in a new browser window)

  • TUI Holidays Family Life > more
  • First Choice Holiday Villages > More
  • Jet2 Family Holidays > More
  • Balkan Holidays > More
  • Tui Sensatori (Luxury) > More
  • Jet2 Luxe (Luxury) > More
  • Tui Platinum (luxury) > More
  • Club Med Family Holidays > More

Some of the above holiday firms also offer flights and accommodation that are not always classed as package holidays. If you are booking a package holiday the firm will issue with an ATOL receipt. See the link at the bottom of this page for further details.

Book Flight & Accommodation Websites

There are some travel firms that will make it easy for you to find cheap flight deals and match them up with their accommodation deals. Generally you will also find you can add on resort transfers or car hire at the same time. If you can get flights at a good price this can help reduce the cost of a holiday by quite a bit. Just look out for the add-ons to take luggage and check in that many airlines do not include in the cost of the flight. Please note that booking flights and accommodation separately does not always mean you are booking a package holiday and the financial cover will vary. Please check with the individual web site you are booking with for clarification on what you are booking. There are links offering more information at the bottom of this page. This method of sorting out flights and accommodation is very popular and some of the sites offering these services are very good at finding cheap flights with many different airlines and showing you the price difference between each airline.

Here are a few Holiday firms that will find cheap flights and match it up with accommodation and transfers. (The links open in a new browser window)

If you are booking a package holiday the firm will issue with an ATOL receipt. See link at the bottom of this page for more information.

Skytours Holidays Family Holidays

The Tui Holidays owned Skytours brochure offers value for money family holidays where they have great range of properties and destinations to choose from. A large number of the Skytours accommodation does offer free child places however the other hotels and apartments also offer great value for family holidays as well. The Skytours holidays range is well worth a look > More

All Inclusive Family Holidays

All inclusive family holidays are very popular as it it easier for families to have better control over their holiday budget. Generally all inclusive family holidays include all your drinks, food and entertainment.   Some hotels also offer extra facilities and activities in the cost as well. If the cost of 7 night self catering holiday is around £600 and you can get an all inclusive holiday for around £1300 you can make the decision as to whether it's worth it. Can you can get all your food and drinks for for a family of 4 for £100 a day? You might not each much during the day and shop at a local supermarket for your food. Everyone is different and has different tastes so if its not something you haven't considered before it could be worth thinking about. (The prices were made up and just an example to get you thinking about all inclusive.) > More

Best Family Holidays – Your Choice

Ultimately it's up to you to decide if a holiday is or isn't suitable for you. Try to make a list of what you require such as kid's clubs or near the beach and of course the price. Make sure the holidays you find fit as many of the difference options on your list. Check and see what is included with the holiday firm you are booking with as this could vary between holiday firms. If you are worried about what financial protection is offered and if you are booking a package holiday or not check this before you book. If you are booking a package holiday the firm will issue with an ATOL receipt.

For more information about the ATOL scheme > click here